So at bluegape, we still have opening for 3 rockstars to join us for the summer. This is the last time we are inviting you to be a part of very dynamic team of bluegape for the summer of 2012. Thus, we seek an intern with fine, nimble fingers to knot the loose ends at bluegape.

What we are looking for (You should understand which point is for you) :

  • You believe that design can rule the world
  • You believe that gitHub is the best dating site ever
  • You can justify 1 billion dollar valuation of Instagram 
  • You believe that TechCrunch is the best PORN site ever
  • Your blog get 1000+ hits the day you write something
  • You should prefer ordering online when your mom asks you to get vegetables from the market
  • You refer to people by their Twitter handles first

Perks :

  • We will probably offer you full time position after graduation (We work with rockstars and we really mean it, OK?)
  • Networking with Entrepreneurs, investors, technologist, designers who are working to make a dent in the universe
  • We mildly compensate with 3k-8k per month + Fooding and Accomodation
  • Beer/Movie on weekends


  • Developer : You will be writing php to add more features on the website that we will discuss about when you are selected.
  • Designer : Based on your interest, we will ask you to either work on website design or designing our products.
  • Content Writer : You have to add the ‘WOW’ factor to the each and every word used in the website and our blog

Time Required: From May to July : You have to be around 24 hours a day. Seriously. OK?

Location: Delhi-NCR

To apply, send us a email at of 5 lines, how you can make difference to during your summer internship.

What I Learned From Sachin ’ The God’ Tendulkar || A Tribute to my first love on his 39th!!

1. Defy the odds

A child prodigy. At the age of 16, Tendulkar entered the Test arena, fearlessly facing the likes of Imran Khan and Abdul Qadir. What are the odds of a batsman from the sub-continent to score a century on the extreme pace and bounce laden track at the WACA, you would say next to nothing. Well, that is what Tendulkar is all about. With a fluent 114 at a brisk pace, he defied the odds and caught the attention of the cricketing world. Never ever be rattled by the odds, afterall they are mere statistics. 

2. Stay away from Distractions

Tendulkar has epitomized how to stay away from distractions. Right from his teen age, distractions have never come in his way of performance. He always knew, cricket came first and that is the only thing he knew. Ups or Downs, put your head down and do what you know best.

3. Perform Beyond the Expectations

Need I say anything about this. Right from day 1, he has surpassed the expectations of a billion people and more. From unbelieveable drives to centuries all round the world, he has done it all. Think BIG, coz there’s no point achieving mediocrity anyway. 

4. The Secret to Success- Work Hard

There’s a famous saying- ” Hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.” Tendulkar is one player you’d always find htting the nets with utmost regularity. Be it his 25th ODI or 250th one, he has been known for long and rigorous hours of effort. Only one thing- WORK HARD.

5. Discipline 

Tendulkar is what would define discipline. There’s a reson why he is still playing competitive cricket while players have come and players have gone.Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.

6. You needn’t be a captain to Lead

Who’s the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to Indian Cricket? Who’s the player everyone expects to perform? Who’s that one man who is loved by his team-mates , opponents and country men alike? He is indeed SRT. Though he failed at captiancy, he has lead the team from the front, being a LEADER without being a captain.

7. Love what you do and Do what you love

Numerous questions on his retirement plans and all he does is go out there, bat and destroy any such doubts. Is it humanly possible to continue for the time he has been on the field. Ask him the question and all he says is " I still love the game. I want to be out there, playing."

8. Humility

All uptill now is what made him BIG in life. But what made him LARGER than LIFE is his humility. No matter the number of hundreds, no matter the number of awards and no matter his boastful bank balance, he teaches us to stay humble and be nice to even those who are not as fortunate as we are.

9. Never let that smile go

Sachin Tendulkar and his 1000 watt smile. Well, you need to feel it. Transmits a sense of feel good factor. It’s easy, looks good and doesn’t cost a penny.

10. Dreams do come True

Who better than SRT to make you learn to chase your dreams. He realised his’ after 20+ years of unmatched dedication, discipline and performance. Most of us, don’t give even a percent of what he has so far. Let’s learn to never give up. As he said ” …chase your dreams, they do come true”

P.S. : Check out some awesome posters of cricket at  

At the age of 10, my ONLY materialistic obsession was his MRF willow (or atleast a look-alike). 

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Mar 9 for corporate - Unveiling Beta

Last week at bluegape office the Rockstars toiled round the clock to launch our new website design with more cool products. While it will take one more week for us to provide all the exciting features, we are unveiling for corporates in the beta phase.

Here’s the link to the webpage :

Our Motivation/Vision?

bluegape started with the concept of providing people a way to display their attitude. We give a piece of your own customized cake to suit your taste buds.


Why you should choose bluegape?

We, being genX, completely understand your need. We feel the same adrenaline rush as you do for your company and would work with the same dedication. We have a team of creative and dedicated designers.


How we work :

1)    We add your personalized touch to anything on which our printer agrees to print, like T-Shirts, Mugs, Posters, Pens etc

2)    You just have to use the form to be in touch with us or just ping us to meet over a coffee/beer.

3)    Our design team will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Yep, we always reply before the moon rotates around the earth. We promise, we do.

4)     Once you nod your head and handover your company reputation to us, we will send them for printing and will be at your door to deliver your order and receive our credit.

We are open for mementos from our partner for our rockstars. How hard we have strived to be professional!:-D Otherwise, a free bottle of beer if we do not keep our promise.


Mar 6
How you should not apply for an internship in a startup !!

How you should not apply for an internship in a startup !!

How many photographs can be accommodated in one poster.


Depends on the size. You can make a collage and send us. Our Design Team will work on it and make the necessary changes.

i wanted poster of size 24" * 36" ... will it b available?? if yes wat will b its cost ??


for custom size posters price is INR 110 psr square feet so for 2’ * 3’ it will be INR 660 only.

what is rate for other sizes


INR 110 per square feet

Summer Internships @

We are hiring.. Rockstars!!

Yes, we are hiring developers, designers and marketing guys! But before that, it would be great if you know a little background about bluegape, and what you can expect working with us.

Who are we?

We are SahilDevanshuMukesh & Ayush. To help us move forward, we are backed by some of the most awesome and inspiring people  

The Story so far…

We were finding it difficult to find posters for walls in our room as per our requirement. This made us think, if same need exists with other students as well. We sent out a mail to all the students at IITK (intranet) to validate our hypothesis and got very promising response. Our idea went viral on campus and later in entire country as well.

We want to cater to youth and provide them with products which are cool and are not readily available otherwise. Soon, we will be adding merchandise and few other products. Bluegape has got seed capital of 10 lacs and will be incubated at business incubator of Times of India Group.

Our working style

We want to work only with rockstar people and we really mean it! 

We don’t understand the difference between weekdays and weekends. For us they are same. We go to movie/party whenever we feel like. We live on beer/pizza/sandwiches. We work from our apartment on bean bags instead of those black office rooms. We expect you to work from our apartment too. 

Our offer letter might will say 40 hours a week but we expect you to be around 24 hours a day. Sometimes we work continuously without sleep for few days and you might have to do so. Think over it again before applying to any internship position. 

Type of work

We have following 6 openings :

  • 4 rockstar developers - If you love to eat php. The work would include website development so you need to have a good understanding of php and mysql
  • 1 rockstart designer - If you can make people feel wow with your design. The work would include design on Adobe Photoshop
  • 1 marketing rockstar - If you can talk and convince people. The work would include marketing of website on social media and all possible channels .

Location, stipend, etc…

We work from our apartment in Noida and expect to work from there only. This is a summer internship and starts from early may to july. We are offering 5,000 per month+beer/pizzas/sandwiches.

Apply now

We are really NOT looking for resumes and definitely not those which have these kind of lines at the start
Looking for a place where my experience and my personality will add value to the organization and we can mutually benefit and have a healthy growth, etc.

We have created a buzz already, but would like to make a dent in the universe, are you game? While that may sound dramatic, we really want to be BIG – big in terms of customers, revenue and the value created. We would like the customers to have no other option but to just love us and our products!

If you are pumped up to join us , just fill up this small form : and we would love to talk to you!

Dec 8

New design and features at ! What’s next?

Yup! four laptops and eight nightouts. We are here with new design and exciting features at ! Just log on to and let us know your feedback about the new design.

What’s New : 

1) We have started ‘Pay by Cash’ in 8 major cities. If you choose to pay by cash, our representative will reach you within 24 hours to collect the cash and we will proceed your order. Yup, it’s different from COD where you have to pay at the time of delivery. Rest assured, if you didn’t get your order intact we will return your full money.

2) With our customization tool you can customize your pics with inbuilt frames. You can use our site to send b’day, graduation gifts by doing framing on your buddy’s pics. Check out by yourself at

3) We changed our tagline from ‘Wall Spirit’ to ‘Carry Your Attitude’. We know that everyone has their own Attitude but at bluegape we love people with Attitude. In fact we believe that your attitude should be reflected everywhere around you. At bluegape we give you the power to show your attitude to the world.

Go to and report us any bug at

What’s next?

1) We are launching our wallpaper gallery within a week with collection of 1000s exciting wallpapers.

2) More products soon !

Happy Gaping !

Dec 8

Make personalized gifts with our customization tool at

Surprise someone special by selecting one of their favourite photos—source (including Facebook and other websites)—and transforming it into an eye-catching Posters with our customization tool. It’s a gift that’s certain to bring smiles and praise. We deliver them to the destination of your choice.